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At Home, Wanderlust

As much as I love to travel, sometimes it just isn’t possible to jet off to a new place every weekend or take months off of work to set off for destinations near and far. So, that’s why I’m starting this weekly series devoted to your Wanderlust. For our first edition, we’re going shopping! Here, my top picks this month for travel girl shopping.

Wanderlust Wishlist from Sparkle in her Suitcase. Click through for all the shopping details on these goodies!

ONE: Casetify “Currently Offline” Phone Case

I’m so crazy about this phone case because it just feels like vacation, doesn’t it? Plus, I love the idea that when you go to grab your phone to check Instagram while sitting by the pool, you’re reminded that you’re currently offline, and that’s a fabulous luxury. Might be inspiration to put down the phone and go for a swim, right?

TWO: Anthropologie “Monterey Weekender” 

If I let myself buy whatever I want, I would probably have hundreds of weekenders. I’m so in love with bags, they take up half of my closet. This bag is adorable, though, so I might be able to make space in my closet for just one more…

THREE: The Everygirl “Scour the World” Print

I love prints, especially those that inspire you both when you’re at home and traveling. “Scour the World for Beauty” is such a nice sentiment, and there’s no rule that says that you can only find beauty when you’re traveling. Watch for beauty everyday, and you’ll have no trouble finding it when you travel.

FOUR: Noonday Collection “Just Go” Passport Case

Noonday collection provides jobs for artisans in Haiti, who create this beautiful leather passport holder. Your passport tells so many stories, it deserves a case that honors that rich personal history and encourages you to “just go!” and make more memories.

FIVE: Grain and Dot “Lets Take Adventures” Print

I love Grain and Dot, I’ve been following this company on Etsy and Instagram and I’ve ordered some cards from them in the past. I love this print, with the sweet paper airplane, because it could be just as much at home in a kids room as a master bedroom.

SIX: Ashley Brooke Designs “Going Places” Travel Mug

I’ve visited this mug on this site SO many times, and now that it’s on sale I think I pretty much have to get it. I love the idea of the two meanings this mug could hold for me: I’m going places metaphorically, working on my career, and physically, traveling the world. Plus, if you’re putting your coffee in a travel mug, you’re literally going places, even if you’re just going to work. Plus the white with the bright green will perk you up even before your coffee does!

What’s on your wanderlust wishlist? Let me know in the comments!


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