Wanderlust Wishlist: Baby Edition (or Globetrotting Bebe Nursery Decor 101)

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No worries ya’ll, I promise I’m not pregnant! BUT…my sister is! Which means I’m basically going to be gunning for that “Best Aunt Ever” position from Day 1. And, for me, a hunger to see the world, a global mindset, and a desire to understand those who differ from him/herself are some of the best gifts I could give this new little blueberry (it’s pretty tiny right now). 

A second best is some awesome nursery swag that will hopefully cultivate a little globetrotter. And, to be real, the second is a bit more tangible.

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Basically, if you’re having a baby, or trying to have a positive global mindset influence on a baby you know, or trying to slide in the top spot in the cool aunt awards, or attempting to solidify your position as “cool aunt who travels a lot,” this list is for you. (I made that pretty universal and not at all specific to me, so this list is clearly for everyone, right?) 

Read on for my top shopping pics for globetrotting babes.

If you're having a baby or trying to have a positive global mindset influence on a baby you know, this list is for you. Click for shopping info from Sparkle in her Suitcase.

MapTote Alphabet Poster

I got my first maptote last week and I’m 100% obsessed with it. This is like a maptote for a baby who doesn’t need a tote bag (or know what a tote bag is, probably). Not only can you teach them letters, but countries as well. It’s all about education ya’ll.

World Map Crib Sheet

A map on the sheets for the baby who often gets lost in bed. Genius.

Zen Baby Organic Onesie

I think I like this one because I’ve been to India and I studied religion, but I’m 100% getting either this one or the happy baby (like the yoga pose!) one for my future niece/nephew. This is a local Minnesota company, which, for me, makes it a no brainer to support them. But they actually are amazing at encouraging a spirit of play and the onesies are designed specifically to give babies the freedom to move around and play all over. It’s like yoga pants for babies.

Adventure Awaits Swaddle

Swaddling is when you wrap a baby up in a blanket in a super tight, complicated knot so that it feels like a constant hug or something. This one works not only as a blanket, but lets be real you could totally hang that on a wall if you wanted to, too. It comes in a whole bunch of sizes for various baby sizes and purposes (burp cloth to toddler blanket). 

Peter Pan Wall Decal

Okay, I super don’t advocate sneaking into nurseries and flying away with children in the middle of the night, but I do support the general story of peter pan and the message of maintaining a sense of childlike curiosity and adventure. Stick this on a wall and teach your dog to be a better attack dog than the one in the story and you’re good to go.

Explore Wood Sign

I like this one because I would totally put it in my own bedroom, and I just might do that anyway. If you’re going less traditional baby style and more rustic/ grown-up/ will-grow-up-with-the-baby in your nursery, it’s perfect.

Suitcase Storage Boxes

I just can think of any cuter storage for a nursery than little suitcases. And I’ve heard that babies have a lot of stuff that needs storing. If you’re not into these ones, I found a couple other options here and here

Airplane Crib Mobile

While visions of airplanes danced in her head…or something. Babies like watching things spin around and airplanes are realistic for a mobile because they actually fly. We’re teaching this kid the ways of the world.

Do you have a little one in your life? Let me know in the comments which of these nursery picks are your favorite!


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