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Sometimes, it just isn’t possible for me to travel when I want to. I know I’m not the only one, but it can be so discouraging to stay at home because I don’t have enough vacation days or money to get on a plane every weekend.

When it starts to get rough, I just remind myself how blessed I am to travel at all. And then I get to work making my house as full of the spirit of travel as possible. After all, if you’re not having a fabulous adventure, (even if you’re at home) you have nobody to blame but yourself.

Building travel into your home decor is a great way to ensure that you stay hungry for adventure and also to fill your home with memories and remind yourself how lucky you are! Here are a few ways I do just that in my own home:

Actually Print Pictures

I know that we’re in the digital age and it’s all about social media sharing, but I love to print my pictures. There’s just something awesome about being able to fill your home with memories and images of people you love.

Dustin and I have been so lucky to travel together. Since our relationship started long-distance, we met up in Minnesota, Arizona and New York during that time. We also have been to Greece and Mexico together, and we’re always dreaming of our next adventures together.

Wanderlust decorating, wall decals, travel photos

Now that we’re lucky enough to live together, I wanted to put something up in our room that would remind us that we’re lucky to be together wherever we are.

I put up this Paper Riot My Type of World decal across from our bed, and then ordered a bunch of square prints from our travels from Social Print Studio (I know, I’m Instagram obsessed, but the square prints are so cute). Now I wake up to a wall of memories every morning.

Give Memories A Prominent Display Space

Our living room has these great built in shelves that are perfect for books, movies and board games. But for a traveler, they’re also perfect for displaying memories. I love to pick up unique souvenirs and small art pieces when I’m traveling, and put them up around my house and on my bookshelves.

I added a little accent next to my dormouse from Bath, England and my seahorse from Athens, Greece. I used a shadowbox from Michaels and one of the decals from Paper Riot’s Let’s Get Lost set to make a little framed piece that looks great on the wall.Wanderlust decorating, wall decals, travel photos

I debated for a while what I should put in the shadowbox–I have tons of photos, postcards, tickets and metrocards from around the world, after all. When I travel, I keep all of these little paper good from trips carefully stored in little shopping bags, and I love to use them for scrapbooking (when I have the time…) or just keep them to flip through once in a while.

Going through one such bag, I stumbled across this map from Rome. Even though it’s just one of those dumb paper tourist maps that they have in hotels, surrounded by ads for tours and the area Hard Rock Cafe, I love it. It still has the arrows and circles from our hotel concierge, showing walking directions to sites and restaurants.

If you don’t have any such maps, or aren’t an obsessive map hoarder like me, you can find some really great vintage-style maps on Amazon.

Add a Reminder Before Each Journey

I love the idea of putting a little reminder next to the door of something that you want to remember as you’re leaving. I wanted a reminder by the back door, because that’s where we head out to the Lake and go out for parties in the back yard.

Wanderlust decorating, wall decals, travel photos

I put up some mountains and woodsy trees from the same Let’s Get Lost decal set from Paper Riot Co, which go great with our Minnesota north woods-feeling home and the trees and lake outside. With the reminder to Never Stop Exploring, it looks great!

I even gave Lia a bit of the adventurous action with these trees and “Let’s Get Lost” around this little bone-shaped hook that I got in France, which we hang her leash on. If only she fit under the seat in front of me on planes, she’d be such an adventurous pup…

I hope you loved these ideas as much as I loved putting them together for you! Be sure to let me know in the comments: How do you let travel inspire your home decor?

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