Try The World Review (And Last Minute Traveler Gift Idea!)

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Have you noticed that lately there seems to be a subscription box for absolutely everything? There are boxes for beauty supplies, clothes, and even for dogs. Well, Try the World is a subscription box service that brings food from around the world to your doorstep.

I’m getting a little tired of the subscription model, to be honest, so it takes something really good to catch my eye and get me to sign up for a subscription box. Try the World managed to accomplish that! I signed up for one month and got a bonus box for signing up. Then, I ended up canceling just in time because my mom got Dustin and I a subscription for Christmas. So, between those two sign-ups, we’ve now gotten 5 boxes delivered.

While we haven’t tried nearly everything in the boxes yet, we have made a couple of meals, and I wanted to share my thoughts while you still have time to gift a Try the World box this Christmas! (Even if it’s not going to ship in time, it’s a great last minute gift because you could always write a little note explaining the gift, and the receiver will start getting them soon!)

Try the World Review, Traveler Gift Guide


So, what did we think?

We’ve made the couscous from the Morocco box and the chicken churrasco from the Brazil box. In both instances, the spices and sauce (and the couscous) were in the box, so we just had to buy meat and vegetables. For whatever reason, the Morocco box had recipes and the Brazil box did not, but I just went online to the Try the World site and found recipes for the Brazil box.

Both of these meals were really good, and we would make each of them again if we bought more of the sauces from the Try the World site. We both felt that each could’ve used a little more spice, but we love spicy food and recognize that the box has to be appealing for everyone. We might just keep our chili powder close by when we’re cooking.

We’ve also tried some of the sweets and cookies that we’ve gotten in the boxes, and haven’t been disappointed yet. If you end up ordering the December box, which has a bunch of holiday treats from around the world, the Swedish ginger snap cookies with orange are amazing, and perfect for St. Lucia day. Since I went to a Swedish college, where we celebrated St. Lucia day, this was a special treat for me.

Try the World Review, Traveler Gift Idea

I think that’s one of the great things about food: if you have a connection to a certain place, food can bring you back in such a strong way.

One drawback to the box is that I could really see our pantry getting full of this stuff if we don’t use it all up right away. It’s all shelf-stable, so they’re able to ship it, but that also means that if we’re not proactive about using the ingredients, they could easily sit in the cupboard for a while.

Also, I’ll mention that the portions in the Try the World recipes are not accurate in our experience. Both times, the recipe ended up making fewer portions (based on how much we eat, which I feel like is a normal amount) than it said it would. It wasn’t a big deal since it was just the two of us, but something to be aware of.

Despite these little drawbacks, I really like the boxes and am looking forward to receiving our upcoming gift boxes. It’s fun to discover what the box has in store for you and to try new things. We love to cook, so it’s perfect for us!

Try the World Review, Traveler Gift Idea

Who Try the World is Not Right For:

  • Picky Eaters, because the box is all about trying things you wouldn’t otherwise try.
  • People who don’t cook much, because they probably wouldn’t love the spices and sauces sitting around the kitchen forever.

Who Would Love Try the World?

  • Your friend who travels to eat.
  • People who wish they could travel more than they get to. This subscription is a cool way to feel like you’re “traveling” through the food on your plate.
  • Someone who loves trying new recipes and new foods. The great thing is that the boxes include things you might not have tried before.
  • A person who loves taking cooking classes and learning about food. I love that the boxes include information about the foods, holidays they’re eaten on, and traditions associated with them. I like to learn a little bit about what I’m eating.

If you’re ready to >Try the World, please use my link to get a bonus free box when you sign up! (Plus, using my affiliate links helps to keep the lights on at Sparkle in her Suitcase at no additional cost to you.)

Try the World Review, Traveler Gift Idea

Have you ever found a subscription box service that you loved? Tell me about it in the comments! 


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