Travel Photos: Inspiration to Get You Through The Last Bit of Winter


We’ve made it to March! Depending on where you live, you might have a lovely season ahead of you, but here in Minnesota, March is this season of unpredictable weather and all-around depression at the slowly creeping spring that refuses to arrive anytime ahead of May. March is unpredictable: snow? sun? skiing? swimming? You’ll never know, and just when you think you do, March will change its mind and throw you a curveball.

Enough about the weather. The point is, March is a time of escapism for Minnesotans, so I’m planning on spending this month indoors, creeping on other people’s travel experiences and halfheartedly attempting to work on my own travel documentation skills. That’s right, I’m focusing on travel photos.

Travel photos are a mixed bag to me: it’s been shown that taking pictures ruins your memory, but, at the same time, I love having photos to remember amazing experiences. So, I’ve pretty much decided that if I’m going to kill my actual memories for the sake of photographs, they might as well be good photos.

What better way to get started than with a hefty dose of inspiration? Let’s do it.

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 1. Paris

Let’s start our round-the-world photo journey in Paris, in honor of last month’s travel girl book club pick (don’t forget to follow me on Instagram to get the first news of this month’s pick). I’m so into the feeling of this photo journal, like peeking out the window of a fabulous French apartment toward the Eiffel Tower.

travel photo inspiration

Notre Dame, Paris

2. Finland

My family is Finnish, and I’m dying to check out this cold, snowy culture of Saunas someday. These photos of wintery Finland could practically be Minnesota, but the northern lights are a lot brighter.

3. Nepal

It’s probably a long flight from Finland to Nepal, but this is a round-the-world photo inspiration tour, okay? These photos are lovely because they don’t only focus on the landscapes of Nepal (which, to be fair, look stunning), but the people as well, and I love that. After all, the people are really what make a beautiful place, aren’t they?

4. Colombia

This post was a bad idea because I’m now looking up flight prices to all of these places. Oh well. This photo diary of Colombia really impressed me, because it does such a great job of illustrating the colors of this place, and with that comes the feeling of the energy of Colombia.

5. San Francisco

Back to the US, I have to say, San Francisco is one of the most photogenic cities. It has such a lovely mix of hills and sea and bridges (okay, mostly that one bridge…). I loved this place, but I missed some of these stellar photo spots, so I guess I have to go back…

Travel Photo Inspiration

Golden Gate Bridge

6. Around the World

Can’t decide where to go? I’ve got your back. This post has an assemblage of beautiful, glamorous Instagram shots from around the globe! Take me to Utrecht and put me on that pink bike.

Ready to Take Your Own Travel Photos?

Does all of this inspiration have you chomping at the bit to improve your own photography? I’ve got you covered with a just a bit more link love:

Plus, because I love my readers, I put together a Travel Photo Resource Guide to help you out if you’re wondering what tools to use for DSLR photography, iPhone photography, photo editing, and more! Click here to download it right now:

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Whew, that was a lot of link lovin’ and photo viewing. I hope it’s got you excited, though, because this month we’re in it together to improve our travel photos. If you’re with me, comment below and let me know: What’s your biggest struggle when it comes to taking stellar pics while you’re traveling?


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