Travel Girl Gift Guide: The Instagram Goddess

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It’s day 3 of my week of gift guides! This week, I’m sharing my top travel girl gifts, divided up by travel girl personas. On Monday you met The Adventurer, and yesterday you got to know The Glam Girl. Today, we’re shopping for The Instagram Goddess, so charge up your phone and get ready for the perfect shot.

By the way: As a Christmas present to my readers, I put together a few printable travel quotes with an extra dose of holiday glam. They’re perfect to print and hang on your bulletin board. Download them here:

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Who is the Instagram Goddess?

She loves visiting new places just to see and experience the beautiful sites, and, of course, to frame the perfect shot. She might print her photos and hang them on her wall, or share them on a blog, but Instagram is her social media sweet spot. Even if she’s not a professional or particularly experienced, she’s developed an eye for photography, and the things she can accomplish with an iPhone are amazing.

Treat this girl to tools large and small that will allow her to explore her photography from new angles (and keep her phone juiced when she takes 100 pictures in pursuit of perfection).

(Are you an Instagram Goddess? Send along this post to someone who needs to know what you’ve been dreaming of finding under the tree this year.)

She’s developed an eye for photography, and the things she can accomplish with an iPhone are amazing. Shop for the Instagram Goddess on Sparkle in her Suitcase.

1. Canon Camera, $550| 2. Portable Power Bank, $20 | 3. Leather Cord Keepers, $11 | 4. Waterproof Phone Case, $8 | 5. GoPro Hero Session, $200 | 6. GorillaPod Phone Tripod, $17| 7. Instax Instant Camera, $50 | 8. Phone Printer, $130 | 9. Charging Phone Case, $66 | 10. Smartphone Lenses, $28

A set of little clip-on lenses and a tripod are perfect gifts for the phone photographers who consistently amaze you with the work they can create from their smartphone. Keep that device going all day with a charging case or an external portable charger. An instant camera and photo printer that attaches to your phone suit those in need of instant gratification, and the waterproof case and GoPro are great options for adventurous (or messy) photogs.

Let me know in the comments which of these gifts you’re hoping for this year!

And don’t forget to download your travel quote printables here:

Download your Printables!

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