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Welcome to my week of giving! I know black Friday was last week, so you might be a little shopped out right now, but it is the season of giving after all, so it is time to start thinking about what you’re going to give the travel girl in your life this Christmas. All week long I’ll be sharing my picks for 5 different kinds of travel girls, and today I’m starting with The Adventurer. Stay tuned all week because, after all, most of us travel girls probably have a little bit of each of these in us.

PS: Since we’re feeling festive, I put together a few printable travel quotes with an extra dose of holiday sparkle. They’re perfect to put on your vision board or hang on your wall. Download them here:

Download your Printables!

Who is The Adventurer?

She’s the girl who’s down to head out all day and only return to bed come nightfall. She’s always searching for a new trail to explore, and if she can spend all day outdoors, all the better. If you look in her suitcase, you’ll find hiking boots and a rain jacket, because she doesn’t let any weather slow her down.

Give this girl practical gifts that will help her on her next adventure, with little luxurious touches to help her wind down after a long day.

(Are you the adventurer? Email this post to someone who’s wondering what to get for you this year.)

She’s the girl who’s down to head out all day and only return to bed come nightfall. Shop for the Adventurer on Sparkle in her Suitcase.1. International Power Adaptor, $16 | 2. Collapsable Water Bottle, $20 | 3. GoPro Hero, $130 | 4. Packable Parka, $132 (on sale right now!) | 5. Packable Rain Boots, $150 | 6. Cord Keeper, $16 | 7. Patagonia Fleece, $140| 8. Packable Hammock, $36 | 9. Gold Tennis Shoes, $160| 10. Plaid Sleep Mask, $15

She’s a girl on the go, so keep her warm this weekend no matter where she’s vacationing with a packable parka or a cozy fleece. If space in her pack is at a premium, she’ll need a packable water bottle, packable hammock, and even packable rain boots. She’ll love to document her travels with a GoPro and when she’s unwinding at the end of the day, she’ll reach for a cozy sleep mask and think fondly of you.

Let me know in the comments which of these gifts you’re loving this holiday season!

And don’t forget to download your travel quote printables here:

Download your Travel Quote Printables!

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