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We’ve come to the final day of my weeklong holiday gift guide extravaganza! It’s been such a fun shopping week, I know, but all good things must, eventually, come to an end. This week, I’ve shared 4 persona-based gift guides: The Adventurer, The Glamour Girl, The Instagram Goddess and The Shopper. Today, I’m sharing some gift ideas for The Dreamer. Read on and be sure to let me know in the comments which one of these matches your own travel style!

Who is The Dreamer?

She might not have a trip planned (yet), but she’s got a list she can share at the drop of the hat of about 50 places she wants to visit. She might have a job or kids keeping her from traveling whenever she wants, but she makes the most of weekend trips and doesn’t waste her vacation days. She reads travel blogs and memoirs, knowing someday she’ll cross off every spot on her list.

It can be really hard to pick out travel-related gifts for someone who doesn’t necessarily have a big trip planned, but you can’t go wrong with travel books and home decor to inspire the Dreamer in your life.

(Are you a Dreamer? If you are, send this post along to a loved one who’s dying for inspiration when shopping for you.)

She might not have a trip planned (yet), but someday she'll cross off every spot on her list. Shop for the Dreamer on Sparkle in her Suitcase.

1. Lonely Planet’s Ultimate Travel, $17 | 2. Lonely Planet’s Ultimate Travel Coloring Book, $14 | 3. Lonely Planet’s The Travel Book, $29 | 4. Gentlemen’s Hardware “The Adventure Begins” Mug, $11 | 5. Bon Voyage Calendar, $26 | 6. National Geographic’s Destinations of a Lifetime, $27 | 7. Anywhere Travel Guide, $10 | 8. Scratch-Off World Map, $40| 9. I Was Here Travel Journal, $13 | 10. Metallic Globe, $96 | 11. Travel Stub Diary, $11

I’m loading up her coffee table with amazing travel reference books, from Lonely Planet’s Ultimate Travel to National Geographic’s Destinations of a Lifetime. The scratch-off map will help her track where she’s been and where she’s heading next, and the anywhere travel guide card set will get her out and about no matter where she ends up. When she’s at home, she’ll love spending mornings filling her calendar with travel plans while she sips coffee out of this adorable mug.

Let me know in the comments which travel girl persona you’ve most identified with this week!


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