Wednesday Wanderlust: Top Travel Blogs to Follow

At Home, Wanderlust

Happy Wednesday, wanderlusters! Every week I’ve been bringing you treats to feed your wanderlust and today is no different. (Have you been enjoying this series? Let me know in the comments!)

Today we’re getting all kinds of meta and I’m going to go ahead and blog about bloggers. I love reading travel blogs, so much so that I decided to start my own travel blog, so I wanted to share my favorites that I scroll through when I’m dreaming of far off destinations. Please keep in mind that this is certainly not the definitive, complete list of awesome travel blogs, just some that I like to read. Let me know in the comments which blogs (including your own!) I missed that I’ll need to include in my next round up!

From Sparkle in her Suitcase: Click through to read about my top travel blog recommendations, the ones I always click on from my Bloglovin email and can't help but read.


Blogging has just boomed in the last several years and it seems like it’s practically impossible to keep up with everyone, right? I’ve been using Bloglovin to get a little digest email with the most recent updates from my favorite bloggers, and I just signed my blog (this one you’re reading!) up for Bloglovin. Just click this button if you want to follow me:

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You can also follow these travel blogs while you’re over there.

World of Wanderlust

Why I love it:

World of Wanderlust founder Brooke started her blog as a personal outlet since she couldn’t afford to travel full-time and now, because of her blog, she does travel full time! I am so inspired by that story as someone who dreams of always having more time to travel. Now Brooke is using her blog to inspire others to follow their dreams as well. Plus she has an app and a book and is published in tons of magazines. #goals


Favorite recent posts:

Where to Find the Best Views in Paris & Which Lens for What? The Best Lenses For Travel Photography



A photo posted by Travelettes (@travelettes) on

Why I love it:

Travelettes is written by a group of girls who you will quickly come to see as your best travel girlfriends. I love that the Travelette girl doesn’t sacrifice glamour for adventure, she “gets a manicure on Monday and Tuesday will go off to hike in the Himalaya.” That’s totally my travel perspective as well so it’s nice to see it doesn’t have to be all luxury OR all roughing it, but you can balance both!


Favorite recent posts:

Here’s Why Travel Makes You Feel Alive & 15 Ways to Travel Green


The Blonde Abroad

Why I love it:

The Blonde Abroad is all about solo female travel and the writer behind it, Kiersten, left her corporate finance job in order to travel the world. If that’s not an inspiring, empowering story, I don’t know what is. Her posts are for the adventurous younger female traveler and will definitely give you a serious case of wanderlust.

Favorite recent posts:

20 Trips to Take in Your 20s & How to Get Awesome Photos as a Solo Traveler

What are your favorite travel blogs? Let me know in the comments! 


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