Where to Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth in New York City

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I know that the whole world is obsessed with the Whole30 or the Paleo diet or whatever, and we’ve all discovered that carbs and sugars are the real demons, not the poor butter and fats that we’ve been blaming for years. I even did a Whole30 and liked it, and I really do try to limit my sugar intake.

BUT, that absolutely does not mean that I’ll deprive myself on vacation, especially when I’m surrounded by delicious foods like in New York City. My sweet tooth wins in New York. If you don’t want to waste your carb allotment on sub-par sweets, don’t worry. I’ve assembled 4 of my favorite places to feed my sweet tooth in New York City, where the extra calories are worth it. Besides, you’re probably walking a lot around the city anyway.

Where to satisfy your sweet tooth in NYC

Levain Bakery

Good for… just a handful of cookie.

Where to satisfy your sweet tooth in NYC

Dustin and I had to wait in line at Levain, but I was very impressed with how quickly the line moved and for a cookie that is this big, I’ll wait a while. We got a whole bunch of cookies, and they were all divine, though the chocolate walnut is the most well-known. They’re all buttery and soft, so if you like your cookies thin and crispy, look elsewhere. These are big, indulgent, gooey and melty-warm: due to the constant line of people, they churn out hot, fresh cookies all day.

Magnolia Bakery

Good for…your Sex in the City moment cupcake.

The first time I want to Magnolia, I was having a whole Sex and the City themed day off, and it was delightful. Though all of my days off afterward were pretty much spent in my bed, watching Netflix on my laptop, and eating nothing because New York is expensive, this was still my favorite day off. Magnolia is all about the cupcakes, but those in the know will point out that the banana pudding is delightful. I say, why choose? Go all in and have no regrets.

Crepes Du Nord

Good for…an under-the-radar sweet crepe.

Where to satisfy your sweet tooth in NYC

It pains me a bit to write about Crepe Du Nord on The Internet, because it is both tiny and amazing, and I don’t want it to suddenly get all crowded on Sunday mornings, but I guess I technically don’t live in New York anymore, so it’s fine. This place is under the radar and delicious, and I would suggest having a meal of both savory and sweet crepes, but it’s your life, do what you want. I’ll just say that the white chocolate & strawberry one changed my life and I haven’t ordered a banana Nutella since.

Dough Donuts

Good for…beautiful donuts in the best flavors.

Where to satisfy your sweet tooth in NYC

Duh I’m going to write about donuts because I’m only human. Dustin and I were once half an hour late to lunch at Chelsea Market and I knew I loved him because he went along with my lie about “traffic,” even though what really happened is that I realized Dough wasn’t too far and demanded we stop on the way. Our lie was revealed when we offered consolation bites to my mom and brother in law once we arrived. The point is that Dough has great big, delicious donuts and they feature a rotation of different flavors and all are delicious, though none are as photogenic as the pink one, which is hibiscus flavored.

Now, on your next trip to New York, you’ll be armed with a solid list of sweets around the city. Be sure to let me know if you find any other good spots or try any of these ones!

What’s your favorite sweet to satisfy your sweet tooth? Tell me in the comments! 


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