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Before I met Dustin, I was never much of a sports girl. In fact, I think I’d been to about 2 baseball games in my life before he came around. Of course, those we love have a way of changing our lives, and now we’ve gone to Spring Training a few years in a row. We both absolutely love Phoenix in the spring, and Dustin gets to see his dodgers, so he’s extra happy. Plus, the stakes are low, so you don’t get too hung up on the score. In fact, I think I may like Spring Training better than the regular season…

Keep reading for my tips on planning the perfect spring training trip to Phoenix:

The stakes are low and the temps are high. Click to read my tips for your spring training trip to Phoenix, Arizona.

When To Go

It should be no surprise that Spring Training is in the spring! It goes from late February to the end of March, so it makes for a great spring break (even if you’re not in school so you don’t technically get a spring break). The weather will be warm and get steadily warmer through the end of March, though there are sometimes showers earlier in March. It can be a bit unpredictable but I’ve gone in mid-March for the last 3 years and had lovely weather each year.

Where To Stay

It depends on which teams you want to see, since the ball parks are all over the valley. If you aren’t sure or you want to go to a few games, though, I would suggest Tempe or Scottsdale for a place to stay. Tempe is where ASU is so you can find cool bars and restaurants and one of our favorite breakfast places, Snooze, has a restaurant on campus. I reviewed the Moxy hotel in Tempe, which is a great budget-friendly option in Tempe.

Scottsdale is great if you want a central location for the parks and a mix of baseball and non-baseball activities. We love the Fashion Square mall and downtown Scottsdale is great for shopping. For food, check out SumoMaya and Barrio Queen (both on my taco hunt Phoenix edition). There are also a couple great spas in Scottsdale, including our favorite the Well and Being Spa at the Fairmont Scottsdale Princess. I’m dying to stay at this resort, too—we’ve tried almost all the restaurants and some of the pools, in addition to the spa, of course, and we love everything about this place.

Spring Training is one of the most expensive times to go to Phoenix, so keep that in mind when booking your hotels and flights.

What To Pack

Your jersey, obviously! Also, keep in mind that it can be really toasty in Phoenix in the spring, and if you’re not from the area, you likely aren’t used to a sun that intense, so it will feel even warmer than the mercury for you. I’d suggest a hat to keep the sun off your face and shorts, dresses and sandals.

The stakes are low and the temps are high. Click to read my tips for your spring training trip to Phoenix, Arizona.

Dodgers Jersey | Dodgers Hat | Sunglasses: Tory Burch (in black here)

I’ve found that Scottsdale can feel a bit more fashionable, so you might feel out of place there in a t-shirt, but of course that’s totally up to you. Don’t forget your swimsuit and sunscreen for days by the pool! Need more inspiration? Cactus Dress in Phoenix

Book Your Game Tickets

When to book your tickets really depends on how many games you’re seeing, which games you want to attend, and how much you care about the baseball versus the ball park food. That said, I usually book our tickets in late January or early February (Dustin’s birthday is Valentine’s Day and he’s gotten tickets as a gift a couple times). I like to spring for some of the more expensive tickets in the park, because since it’s only spring training, even the best seats are only like $50 at the Dodgers park. Again, prices will depend on the team you’re seeing and how they did the year before (as you can imagine, Cubs tickets right now are crazy!).

Last year I got the best seats in the house, right behind home plate, the third row back, and it was awesome. You could see the beads of sweat on the players’ faces. (Am I exaggerating? Maybe. The seats were great, though.) The only downside was the heat, because we were in the sun the whole time and that Phoenix sun is relentless. This year, I got slightly cheaper tickets that were still behind home plate, just further back. It was still toasty, but we got shade by the 6th inning, which was so helpful for staying cool. Again, it all depends on the park you’re at, so it might be worthwhile to book different seats for a few different games to get a sense of where you want to sit.

The stakes are low and the temps are high. Click to read my tips for your spring training trip to Phoenix, Arizona.

Dodgers Jersey | Dodgers Hat | Sunglasses: Tory Burch (in black here)

Now, you have everything you need to be girlfriend (or daughter, friend, sister) of the year, booking the perfect getaway for baseball lovers in the spring!

Still have questions? Drop them in the comments and I’ll help as best I can! 


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