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Is it just me or is this the summer of the pineapple? I’ve seen them everywhere- from cocktails to outfits to salads and shot glasses.

Boyfriend and I have been pineapple obsessed from the very beginning of the summer, when he got me the adorable Pineapple and Co shot glasses you’ve probably seen all over Instagram.

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Then, over Memorial Day Weekend, it seemed like we put pineapple on everything we ate… from our favorite pizza place, Pizza Luce, which has a “Fire Breathing Dragon” pizza featuring pineapple salsa and jerk chicken (or tofu!), to our new favorite pineapple sauce that is awesome on fish.

Since then, we’ve been trying cocktails and recipes with pineapple so I decided to do a post inspired by all things tropical and all things pineapple! Today, I’m sharing my favorite pineapple shopping so we can have a little pineapple party.

My birthday was yesterday (I’ll tell you all about it later this week) so consider this my blog birthday party and you’re all invited!

From Sparkle in her Suitcase: I decided to do a post about all things pineapple and tropical! Click through for my pineapple party shopping picks!


  1. Aloha Planner | 2. Pineapple Shot Glasses | 3. Pineapple Pin | 4. Bamboo Pineapple Cutting Board | 5. Pineapple Pencil Holder | 6. Pineapple Stemless Wine Glasses | 7. Pineapple Sandals |8. Pineapple Bangle Bracelet

Of course, my love of all things gold and shiny comes through pretty strong here, as does my love of wine and …party beverages. I’ve been experimenting with pineapple sangria this summer and haven’t gone wrong yet.

We’ve also been eating a lot of pineapple habanero sauce on everything: cheese, chips, shrimp… spoons. It is so good and I love the combination of spicy and sweet. With a piece of gouda and a cracker, it makes for the perfect bite.

What do you think? Are you pineapple-obsessed too? Let me know in the comments which of these are your top picks (or send me a link to something I missed!)


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