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If you have been following my Instagram, you are well aware by now that I just returned from a 10-day trip to Greece. I feel so blessed that my family vacation took me to such an amazing location this year, and this will undoubtedly be one of the highlights of my year. We had a lovely time, with a few days in Athens and a week in Crete, which you will hear a lot more about soon enough!

Today, though, is all about packing, so here are the things I packed for Greece and the things I wish I would have left at home.

 What to pack for a trip to Greece via Sparkle in her Suitcase

Let’s go head to toe…


Greece is closer to the equator than Minnesota, so the sun was much more intense than I am used to and it was HOT. I brought 2 hats, a baseball cap and a sun hat, and didn’t regret devoting suitcase space to either. I threw my baseball cap in my carry-on in order to cover up post-flight bed head hair leaving the airport (believe me, I did not wake up like this) and the other one I brought was a packable hat from Tuckernuck, which was perfect for the beach as well as walking around Athens. Don’t forget a hat and lots of sunscreen to combat the sun and the heat of Greece.

What to pack for a trip to Greece via Sparkle in her Suitcase



I knew I was going to want to do a lot of blue and white, because it is Greece, after all! In order to cut down on using precious suitcase space, I brought only things that went with navy (nothing black) and only brought 2 pairs of shorts (white and navy) and 4 tops, all of which went with both the navy shorts and the white shorts. If I were to do it over, I wouldn’t wear the white shorts in Athens, because they got dusty and dirty the first time I wore them and ended up having to be washed.

I also threw in an easy dress from Cupcakes and Cashmere that I wore too many times to count. I could throw it on to go to the beach or wear for whatever daytime activity and also could wear it out to dinner if I wanted a little more polish. The bonus of the easy shift shape was that, beyond being comfy, I could stuff myself with as much pita and lamb as I wanted and it had the wiggle room to accommodate it. 🙂 I know I’m not the only person who thinks about these things when picking travel clothes…

What to pack for a trip to Greece via Sparkle in her Suitcase

Seriously, I wore it so much…


As much as it pained me to leave behind all of my favorite wedges and heels, this was 100% a flats kind of trip. Since I had to bring my hiking shoes for our one day hiking the Samaria Gorge (more on that in a future post), I limited myself to 2 pairs of sandals and my Tieks, which I mostly threw in because they fold up and I can justify them since they barely take up any space at all. The vibe of Crete was easy, so sandals went from the beach to dinner with no side-eye. Athens was all walking, so flat sandals were good, but I found myself wishing for sneakers or at least a less-slippery shoe when heading up to the Acropolis. Not only is the Acropolis a bit of a climb, but there are a lot of marble walkways, which, while beautiful, are super slippery. If your boyfriend isn’t cool with practically carrying you up a huge hill (thanks babe), you’ll want some solid walking shoes with you in Athens.


One thing I was happy to have brought was sunscreen (just be sure to put your full-size bottles in your checked bag), since I literally put it on multiple times every single day.

I was also grateful for my boyfriend’s allergy medications since I had serious allergies to something in the air in Greece, resulting in itchy eyes, even though I don’t have allergies at home–it was a good reminder to prepare for the unexpected when you’re traveling.

I would also recommend bringing a corkscrew, since you’ll want to try some wine and maybe bring a bottle back to your place, and there’s nothing worse than having a bottle of wine and no way to drink it.

The Things I Never Used

Okay, if you’re an over-packer like I am, you’re probably going to ignore this section anyway, but I feel like I need to confess my packing mistakes. Maybe I’ll save you from making the same mistakes I did, or serve as a reminder for my next trip to pack less (yeah, right).

The top things I never used were definitely all of my lipstick, makeup and the travel curling iron I threw in. I didn’t even blow dry my hair once the entire trip, and most days my tinted moisturizer was all the makeup I needed. Especially when you’re in and out of the pool and it’s 100 degrees outside, all of the beauty products just aren’t necessary. Like I said before, Crete has an easy vibe, so going out sans-makeup with my hair a mess of still-wet curls was no problem at all. I also could have done without quite so many bags and purses, but that’s always a problem for me and I’m working on it.

Do you overpack? Let me know in the comments what you wished you hadn’t brought on your last trip!


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