How to Stay Organized While Traveling

On the Go, Packing

I’ve been lucky enough to do a few trips that lasted between three and four weeks, traveling in Europe and stopping at four or five cities on each trip.

Of course, I also learned, as any traveler does when they have to unpack and repack on a trip, how annoying it is to unpack and repack your suitcase in every new city you go to. 

Which is why I have become very good at staying organized while traveling. And, though I’m usually packing at the very last minute, I’m a bit better for longer trips, especially far from home.

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Nobody likes to waste precious time figuring out what is clean and what is dirty, or unpacking and repacking when you could be exploring.

Long term travel can be a struggle of unpacking and repacking. Learn how to stay organized while traveling by packing smarter.

That’s why, on my trip to Europe last year, I started using Flight 001 Spacepak Clothes and Spacepak Lingerie. Combined with my Henri Bendel makeup cases and my shoe bags, it ends up that a large percentage of my stuff is in bags when I travel, which makes it really easy to stay organized, even when I’m pulling things out and putting them back in. 

Here’s how I do it: 

Shoes go in shoe bags.

I have the Kate Spade shoe bag that’s great, but, honestly, I usually steal them from fancy hotels that have bags for shoe shine services. Or, for instance, I had a couple of pairs of shoes that came with a dust cover shoe bag that I now use when I travel. Call me crazy, but I just don’t like dirty shoes in my suitcase, touching everything.

Long term travel can be a struggle of unpacking and repacking. Stay organized with packing tips from Sparkle in her Suitcase. Click to read now.

Clothes go in clothes and lingerie bags.

Then I pack my clothes in the clothes bag and underwear in the lingerie bag. I roll my clothes in the clothes bag, since it makes it easier to see what I have. I know there’s a great debate over rolling vs. folding, but I roll just to see everything easily.

The great thing about the Flight 001 bags is that they have a side for dirty clothes. Of course, if I’m traveling for a long time the lines between dirty and clean get…a bit fuzzy….to say the least. But one outfit that is 100% gross and dirty and does not get worn again at all the entire time I’m on my trip is the outfit I wore on the plane. I feel so disgusting after a long flight that I don’t want to see those pants or that shirt again for a while, so I usually throw that outfit in the “dirty” side of my Spacepak bag and keep most of my other clothes on the other side, unless something is worn a lot and starts to get stinky. So, while I don’t really use the sides of the Spacepak for dirty and clean, it’s still nice to have both sides. 

Mine are just the standard blue and purple ones, but since I got them Flight 001 has come out with some other cool colors and patterns. Check out the blue stripes, sea foam polka dots, or coral stripes variations.

Long term travel can be a struggle of unpacking and repacking. Learn how to stay organized while traveling by packing smarter.

Makeup and cosmetics go in makeup bags.

I divide up my makeup and cosmetics into three packable Henri Bendel bags to stay organized, though it’s a system that only I could understand. My makeup all fits in the smallest one, and the other two are for deodorant, face wash, etc. 

Long term travel can be a struggle of unpacking and repacking. Learn how to stay organized while traveling by packing smarter.

Of course, not everything ends up in bags, especially if I’m shopping while I’m traveling (which I always am), but having things in their own spots makes life so much easier when you’re pulling things out and then repacking your suitcase all the time.

My advice would be to pull out the Spacepak, but then to leave that as packed as possible and only pull out what you need and put it back after you wear it. You can even throw the Spacepak in the hotel dresser without worrying about anything gross that might be lurking in there.

You won’t believe how much easier this kind of system will make your repacking process on a long trip! 

If you’re ready to plan the trip of a lifetime, be sure to download my Travel Packing Guide. It has an extensive packing list, plus even more of my favorite packing tips.

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How do you stay organized when you’re traveling? Let me know in the comments!


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