My first post: I’m launching a blog!

At Home, On the Go

Well, duh. You clicked on a blog, this is a blog site. Of course I’m launching a blog. Sooo…

Welcome to Sparkle in her Suitcase!


^(this is me)

The Sparkle in her Suitcase girl is savvy but still finds ways to bring glamour with her when she’s away from home. She is obsessed with travel or just wants to bring a spirit of adventure to her life every single day. She decorates with unique finds from destinations close and far and cooks meals inspired by her journey. She makes the most of every opportunity for exploration and adventure, even in her own city.

Stay tuned for posts about travel, exploration, and adventures of all kinds, from both my travels and my home life in Minneapolis, MN.

I can’t wait to share this blogging journey with you, and I hope you feel the same.

Do you have feedback for me? Email me at with “Suitcase Sisterhood” in the subject line to provide feedback, trade guest posts, or just get in touch. I would love to hear your thoughts on my new site!



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