Happy Hour, June 2017: Lady Travel, Fat Travel and Yoga Travel, Oh My!

At Home, Happy Hour

Pour the aperol spritz, it’s happy hour time! Each month, I share my favorite articles, links and shopping picks from around the web.

Let’s jump right in with a roundup of the breaking travel news this month:

  • Women are apparently changing the face of travel, I wonder how that works exactly? Seems like plenty of women are traveling just fine without options that are specifically catered to us based on gender. Is it a special treat or just ridiculous? Sound off in the comments.
  • Abundant new roller coasters open, my stomach turns just thinking about it, I head to the spa. I suppose this is a great reminder that different people travel differently, isn’t it? 😉

In other news:

  • How do you respond to the fat person next to you on the plane? With a grimmace? A shrug? Annoyance when her arm touches yours? Here’s her perspective.
  • I love that this blogger made us a list of all the things that went wrong on her trip to Scotland. After all, as she says, “Instagram is full of liars.” Sometimes it’s nice to know that other people get lost, too.
  • Guess where Europe’s only tea plantation is, and then check out this post about going there. It got me all excited, as Portugal is one of the places we’re thinking for our honeymoon.
  • Staying fit on vacation can be a challenge, so I loved reading about how to fit yoga into traveling. I just started doing more yoga, so this one will be good inspiration to keep at it on upcoming holidays.

I’m shopping for:

Red, White and Blue doggy bandanas for 4th of July parties, mildly cheesy but adorable his and hers luggage tags, and palm print everything. I know this vintage-style luggage might get dirty quickly, but it’s so budget that I might get it anyway. Am I going to be obsessed with little white outfits up until the wedding or just until the end of summer? Stay tuned to find out.
I’m reading: Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert (Finally!) If you’re a creative of any variety, or want to live a more creative life, I can’t recommend it enough.

Upcoming trips:

Heading to Victoria in a couple of weeks for a wedding, and I’m super excited to have afternoon tea with Dustin there. Then, I’m headed to Seattle with my bridesmaids to do a little wedding dress shopping (wish me luck! I’m so nervous…). We’ve started dreaming and scheming with honeymoon ideas, so I’m of course loving every minute of that.

…and that’s June for ya!
Tell me in the comments what you’ve been reading or writing this month—it may make an appearance in next month’s happy hour!


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