Happy Hour, August 2017: How to Cope if You Missed the Eclipse

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Pour the Pumpkin Spice Lattes, it’s happy hour time! Each month, I share my favorite articles and links from around the web.


  • It was cloudy in Minnesota during the eclipse. And, honestly, I didn’t have the special glasses, I forgot it was happening, and I was doing yoga during the actual eclipsing. I did pop outside, though, and saw nothing but clouds. I’m drying my tears with this list of all the eclipses I still have a chance of remembering through 2030.
  • Thinking of heading to Mexico? You may have noticed a new travel warning. Here’s the rundown of what exactly it means for you. There are risks associated with traveling just about anywhere (including places in the US) and we felt very safe in Playa Del Carmen in January. Always keep valuables at home or in a safe and use your gut instinct: if something feels weird, don’t feel bad about removing yourself from the situation.


  • I love this guide to Porto. Portugal is probably where we’re going to go for our honeymoon (I say probably because, of course, I want to go everywhere!), but we haven’t 100% settled which cities we’d want to see while we’re there. This is a mark in the Porto column for sure 🙂
  • In the world of Instagram that we live in, it’s so important to remember that we’re all jealous of imaginary people. Comparison is the thief of joy, so do your best to stay in your lane and remind yourself that the glamorous images you see on Instagram are all the prettiest, staged moments, so don’t compare them to your behind-the-scenes real life.


Bright sunglasses that make me feel like maybe summer doesn’t have to end. Lilly Pulitzer everything, especially navy dresses with gold details and all the fabulous things from last week’s sale (did you get anything good? tell me in the comments!). Blanket cardigans for chilly airplanes and sassy sweet pajamas I want to spend all day in. Lots of cute planters, because I somehow think having a new house makes me qualified to grow things. I picked up a Lively “Busty Bralette” (also available in, um, non-busty) and I’m loving it for working from home.

I’m reading: You Are a Badass by Jen Sincero, which is like self-help for people who don’t want to read self-help. I actually don’t mind the self-help genre, so I’m not sure how I feel about it yet.
Fall Must-Have: Cool Mules.


A wedding trip to Massachusetts mid-month and a wedding planning trip to Arizona in October… I’m so 25 years old with all the weddings I’ve had this summer, plus planning my own!

…and that’s August on a silver platter!

Tell me in the comments what you’ve been reading or writing this month—it may make an appearance in next month’s happy hour!


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