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You can call me basic if you want, but I just love the fall. I say that about pretty much every season, true… maybe what I really love is transitioning seasons? Anyway, there’s just something so exciting about pulling out your sweaters, getting cozy, and finally drinking hot lattes again!

This fall, I’m excited to finish our kitchen remodel so that I can try out some new recipes for roasted veggies, baked apples, and all kinds of soups! I tried making mulled wine for the first time last year, and I can’t wait to try a couple different recipes (what else am I going to do with the star anise in my cupboard?) as well as some spiked cider and apple sangria drinks!

Most importantly, though, a new season means it’s time to go shopping! I’m rounding up my fall travel must-haves today. The great thing about all of these options is that you can mix and match them for pretty much any trip you’re taking this fall. I love leggings and a wrap for flying in the fall (hello, basically wearing a blanket is so my jam), and the color of the season is definitely mustard! Read on to see why I’m packing each of these items this fall…

 I'm rounding up my fall travel must-haves today. The great thing about all of these options is that you can mix and match them for pretty much any trip you're taking this fall.

Ruched Leggings | Block Heel Ankle Boots | Wide Leg Crop Pants | Plaid Wrap | Felt Hat (on sale now!) | Mustard Yellow Faux Leather Jacket  | Long Sleeve ShirtdressTwist Back Jumpsuit

1. Comfy Leggings

Because I just can’t be bothered to wear anything that isn’t crazy comfortable when there’s a chill in the air. I love the ruched detail on this grey pair from Lou & Grey.

2. Block Heel Booties

Because I want warm feet, breezy ankles, and a boost of height. This pair is from Loft and they’re having a 40% off event right now, so snag them while you can!

3. Wide Leg Pants

I don’t know when this cut became so appealing, but it suddenly looks crazy flattering. Grabbing a bright pair to play nice with heeled sandals now, and heeled booties later.

4. A Cozy Wrap

You may already know this, but in the winter & fall, I almost exclusively fly in cozy wraps that double as blankets on freezing airplanes. The plaid on this one feels so fresh with the swingy shape. (Also Loft, get that 40% off!)

5. Felt Hats

Before you need a hat that, like, actually keeps your ears warm, there’s this glorious in-between time when you can get away with stylish hats. Embrace it with this black fedora.

6. Leather Jacket (+ anything mustard!)

I love a leather jacket in a fun color for fall, especially when I’m traveling. This mustard one looks perfect for throwing on over jeans, dresses, skirts, and everything in between. Plus, yellow is apparently the new millennial pink, so you’ll be keeping up with the trends, too.

7. A Dress with Sleeves

Because dresses are always appropriate, but sometimes you need a little more cover to make it seasonal. I’m loving the fall tones in this shirtdress.

8. Jumpsuits Galore!

This is less of a fall thing than just an obsession of mine lately. I just love jumpsuits for combining the outfit-coordination ease of a dress with the activity freedom of pants. This twist back one is so fun.

Tell me in the comments: what’s on your fall shopping list? 


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