5 Ideas to Help You Fall In Love With Travel


Valentines day is a semi-real holiday that seems mainly to be focused on making people feel bad for not being in relationships. So, if you’re not into valentines day, I get it. 

That said, there are no rules that say your February has to be spent with one special someone. Dustin was born on Valentine’s day, so we don’t even really “do” valentines day, because it would be pretty rude of me to be like “nah, you don’t get a birthday celebration, this is about OUR LOVE.” 

So why not spend the whole month just loving love and loving friends and travel and dogs and food and all the things that make life worth living?

Let’s spend this month (or, you know, forever) falling in love with new places, new experiences and, of course, falling in love with travel. 

Below, a collection of ideas for ways to fall in love with travel in the month of February:

1. Consider Canada

Okay, since I’m from Minnesota (aka “basically Canada, but proudly not”), I’ve never had much impulse to head even further north, even with the prospect of poutine awaiting me. But this year, even I can’t help but notice that everyone is talking about Canada right now. This guide to Ottawa from a local is a tempting peek at the city. (Anyone who says “I told you so” is dead to me.)

2. Sip a Latte with a Friend

A month of love wouldn’t be complete without reconnecting with old friends over lattes (the kind of coffee dates you really follow up on, not the ones you just say you’ll have to do sometime, knowing in your head that it’s never going to happen). You probably don’t need a list of reasons why coffee is awesome (1. It’s yummy, 2. It keeps me alive) but here’s a good one anyway in case you forgot.

3. Pick an Unconventional Destination

If you live in an icy tundra like I do, this is officially the time of year when you’re sick to death of ridiculous cold and awkward straight-legged walking across ice patches to prevent falling on the sidewalk againIn short, you’d rather be on a beach in the Caribbean, but if you can’t afford it, here are some great money-saving travel destinations for the winter time. Not all of them are as hot as the beach you might be dreaming of, but any warm-up is a warm-up and their cold season will feel like summer to your frozen limbs.

4. Eat Pizza in Italy

Italy was the first foreign country I ever went to, and I blew all of my cash too fast and ended up eating a 2 euro slice of pizza standing in this little tiny place around the corner from my hotel for over 50% of my meals in Venice. While in a lot of places this would be a tragic position to be in, in Italy this may or may not have been the way I would’ve eaten anyway, because pizza. In Italy. It’s the best. Read this list of pizza you’re probably not eating right not, feel sad, feel hungry, make a list of places to try next time you’re in Italy.

5. Make Travel Memories Stick Without a Scrapbook

I secretly love scrapbooking, and I saved every piece of paper (tickets, postcards of paintings I liked, metro tickets, etc.) that I accumulated on all of my major trips, hoping to scrapbook them. I only made one legit scrapbook, but the thin paper postcard bags that I shoved these remnants of cities into are some of my favorite things I have from my travels. This post outlines other fun ways to record fleeting travel memories.

Comment below with a blog post or article that’s inspiring you to fall in love with the world this month!


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