Citrus Cocktails for Summer: Poolside Lemon Drops

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I’m spending this weekend sharing some of my favorite citrus cocktails, inspired by all of the beautiful citrus trees in Phoenix, AZ. Last night, we started the party with Blood Orange Jalapeño Margaritas, and today we’re hanging by the pool with my twist on the lemon drop.

Poolside Lemon Drop via Sparkle in her Suitcase

Lemon/Lime/Grapefruit Drops

A lemon drop is a classic martini drink, but we took it to the pool by adding sparkling water and pouring over ice. Mix it up by trying swapping out the lemon for a lime or grapefruit juice.

Poolside Lemon Drop via Sparkle in her Suitcase

Fill a glass with ice and add one shot of vodka of your choice. Pour the citrus juice of your choice (juice from about one grapefruit or two limes or lemons per drink) over the vodka and add 2 teaspoons of superfine sugar (superfine sugar is designed to dissolve in drinks), you may need to add additional sugar depending on how much sweetness you like, especially if your limes are a bit sour.  Top with club soda or sparkling water, sit back and relax. Ahhh… now that’s what summer feels like.

Poolside Lemon Drop via Sparkle in her Suitcase

What are you drinking this weekend? Let me know in the comments!


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