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Arizona, On the Go

If you were following me on Instagram about 2 weeks ago, you might have already noticed my abundant updates from the Bloguettes Phoenix Workshop. It was a little crazy of me to go to Phoenix when it was 115 degrees out and monsoon season, but, well, nobody ever said I was 100% sane. I went down to Arizona for the branding workshop, with the goal of learning branding, social media and Photoshop skills to enhance this very blog. So I hope you start seeing a difference (and enjoying it!)-from my social media to my images to my color scheme, I’ve been making a few changes in the last 2 weeks or so. Anyway, here’s a quick roundup of my weekend in Phoenix.

Review of the Bloguettes Branding Workshop from Sparkle in her Suitcase. Thinking of going? Read this post first or pin and save for later.

We showed up (my mom went with me) and immediately headed to the spa to get our toes done. I can’t go to Phoenix without getting a pedicure, what with the need to wear sandals in the heat and the abundance of spas in the valley.

My personal favorite is the spa at the Fairmont Princess up in Scottsdale. I would love to someday stay at this place because the resort is just beautiful and has something like 7 or 8 pools. I love the one at the spa, especially since there are no kids and you can order food and drinks right to the pool.

Anyway, head here for a pedicure before anything else, you wont regret it.

After that, we went right next door and had delicious Mexican food at La Hacienda. Yum! There’s such good Mexican food in the Phoenix, you have to be sure to check out some places if you’re there. We had lobster guacamole that was amazing.

The next day I got started with the workshop. The Bloguettes office is so light, bright and airy, it was an energy boost for sure. I sat down to a swag-filled desk, ready to get started.

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The first day was about blogging and branding and I took pages and pages of notes. It was everything from practical tips to more general branding advice and I learned a lot. Plus there was a delicious lunch and cupcakes!

Day 2 was all about social media. We spent almost the whole morning on Instagram alone, which tells you how important Instagram is! The Bloguettes girls recommend Planoly to plan Instagram posts, and that’s one tool I’m really enjoying using so far. Lunch was delicious again, especially this amazing watermelon tonic made with real watermelon juice from Iconic Cocktail Co. I’m obsessed, I’ve been dreaming about it and can’t wait to get my hands on it again.

A photo posted by Darcy Coulter (@darcyacoulter) on

A photo posted by Darcy Coulter (@darcyacoulter) on

We did more social media in the afternoon and I got dinner with my mom at this place called True Food that we love. I was so tired by this point, and my brain was stuffed so I think I crashed at about 9pm. Crazy Saturday night, I know.

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Day 3 of the workshop was all about Photoshop and was by far my favorite day. It was all so hands-on and practical and Sakura showed us exactly how to do the practical things I would want to do for my blog. Plus we had headshots taken which was nice.

Overall, I would certainly recommend a Bloguettes workshop if you’re considering it. A couple of the drawbacks in my opinion were that most of the attendees were local to Phoenix, so it wasn’t as great of a networking opportunity for me.

Still, I’d say that you should go if they’re doing one in your area.

If you’re looking to start a blog or overhaul your brand, I would say all 3 days combined would be great. I think the social media day was the least helpful because I’ve already found a lot of that information online in my research, but if you’re just getting started or haven’t used social media much, it would probably work for you.

If you have minimal Photoshop experience, I would certainly say that Day 3 is for you. I loved Day 3. The nice thing is that you can choose one day or two or all three, so pick the ones that work for you. Now I’m home with pages of notes and a massive to-do list to get to!

Plus, I got upgraded to first class! Thanks, Delta!


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