Hi, I’m Darcy and I travel all wrong. I would spend all day drinking coffee on hotel balconies in a fluffy white robe if it wasn’t taboo to skip all the sightseeing. Sometimes I need to see every site, but more often I just want a glass of local wine and a piece of cheese. I think nothing complements a day of tourist exploring like finding a cute little shop and getting a new outfit.

Am I a bad traveler? Maybe—but I live for the little moments of style, glamour, and inspiration that come to me when I’m traveling. Most importantly, I love to make space in my life for these glamorous moments without breaking the bank. I’m not one to pinch every penny, but I believe in balance and finding a good deal! Let me show you where to save and where to splurge to create the stylish life you’ve been dreaming of.

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Tools I love:

People often ask me about the tools I love to use in managing my businesses. If you’re curious, these are my favorites:

  • Leadpages is what I use to create opt-in opportunities for my email list and let you know about all the sweet freebies I offer subscribers.
  • Drip is my email marketing platform of choice because it’s suuuuper easy to work with.
  • Coschedule is my favorite content management platform, and also what I use to schedule my social media posts. I love that I can view all of my blog posts and social content in one place.
  • Planoly is what I use to plan & schedule Instagram posts. It allows you to visually see all of your upcoming images in a grid, so you can keep everything unified.

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