Interview: How to Take Your Best Travel Photos Ever with Andrew Mizzi

At Home, Wanderlust

So, you’ve planned a trip. You can just envision the stunning views, the beautiful vistas, and how happy you’ll be to seeing beautiful sights. But if you’re worried about how to capture those views to share with friends and family back home, I’ve got your back.

I chatted with Andrew Mizzi, an Australian pilot, traveler and photographer based in Hong Kong. Andrew travels around Asia, taking beautiful photos in between flights. He’s been working on a series in Myanmar lately, producing stunning images of the people and places.

I was blown away by his work, so I had to pick his brain and figure out how we could improve our own travel photos.

travel photo tips with Andrew Mizzi

After wrapping up the photoshoot with the two orphan monk boys, I spent some time talking and playing with them one-on-one. His genuine smile and friendly eyes warmed my heart.

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