Gold Cactus Dress in the Phoenix Desert

On the Go, Packing

Hey all, in the past I’ve done more traditional packing posts, like this one for Greece. I recently decided to shift a little bit from focusing on what to pack, to a look at style that’s specific to a place I’m traveling. 

The thing is, women often shop not just based on what they need to have to get through the trip, but what they would wear to be who they want to be when traveling. As such, you end up doing a lot of shopping before a trip because of the aesthetic of the place, the scenery, the general vibe. Men find us crazy, but us ladies need to stand together. Sound like you? No worries, it’s how I travel too.

In light of that, who can resist a dress with golden cacti on it when they have an upcoming trip to Phoenix planned? Not me, that’s for sure. Plus this little number is from a small business, Simka Sol, that started on Etsy and now has a site of its own. I just love supporting small businesses and I can see why this one has been successful. The dress is super soft and sweet and I love the chill t-shirt style of it. 

Gold Cactus Dress in the Phoenix Desert. Click to shop this travel style and see even more at Sparkle in her Suitcase.

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